Aviation and Space Physiology (2)

he speed with which a plane takes off into the sky the acceleratory involved cause some effects on body functions. When a plane makes a turn the force of its centrifugal acceleration is directly proportional to the square of it’s velocity and inversely proportional to the radius of its turn. What this means is the greater the force with which the plane takes off and the sharper the angle with which it turns to take off, the greater the force with which it lifts up into the sky.

Aviation and Space Physiology (1)

Space, High altitude and Aviation physiology is a field of physiology that deals with how the body works or adjusts when exposed to high altitudes. One key thing to note is as you ascend high up in the sky, the atmospheric pressure drops. At about 16,000 feet above sea level, the oxygen saturation in the blood drops to about half its original value at sea level.