Seven factors on how to build a relationship: Introduction

by Tayo Fasuan

In the world of relationships today, a lot of individuals cope with various degrees of disappointment, heartbreaks and failures. The reason or reasons for all these have to do with ever-changing ideas or views of what a relationship should entail. Relationships have evolved, and with that evolution comes many factors which have led to the demise of many relationships.

There are no similar relationships. Every relationship is heavily dependent on those people in it. There are no general rules. Don’t base the success of your relationship on what is happening in the life of others or the instructions given by others.

What I will be providing in this series and the future ones, are guidelines and topics that you should take note. There are more or less like eye-openers to those key areas that can strengthen relationships and make people to understand it more.

What made me know all these about relationships was my keen observation, either those that happened to me in person, or those that happen to others, over the years. These, and combined with my ability to put things into perspectives, are what enable me write this. This doesn’t make me a relationship expert or a relationship counselor, since I’m still building mine. Maybe you can call me actually a relationship observer, writer or document-er.

Anyway, every relationship has its own dynamics; don’t copy others. Based on this, let me provide an insight into this series of Seven factors involved in building a relationship. Here,we looked at those factors that can be used to build a relationship at its inception. Later, we would talk about those areas and issues that can cause havoc when the relationship has started if they are not well managed.

As said earlier, this is a guideline, and all relationships depend on the two people in it at that time. Hence, as you read this, apply the knowledge gained into your own specific relationship and determine your modus operandi in your relationship.




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