Palm Kernel as an Alternative to Granite for Building

By Kayode Olowe

A structural civil engineer, Kayode Olowe, has stated that for construction purpose, palm kernels can be used to substitute for cement and granite. According to this professional, this conclusion is based on a research work carried out in 2012 to determine the strength of concrete when used as a replacement for either cement or granite.

During the study which was aimed at using palm kernel for partial replacement of cement, the palm kernel was grounded to ash and mixed in different proportions with cement before being transformed to concrete. After this, the strength was tested for.

“Two different types of tests were carried out,” Olowe said, “These were the comprehensive test and the tensile test. The comprehensive test is done without the addition of iron rods, while the tensile strength was done with the addition of iron rod. This is to give a broad view of how strong the concrete would be at the end of it construction.”

The ratios of ash used to the cement in volumes were given as 75:25, 50:50, 25:75 and 0:100. According to the result obtained, ratio 25:75 gave an ideal result. This means that 25% of palm kernel ash can be mixed with 75% of cement, and the comprehensive strength will be optimum.



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