Periodic Publication

Articles and write-ups from experts and professionals about research findings, discoveries, knowledgeable facts, beneficial information, happenings and how-to-dos in their respective fields will be published in both online and future hard-copy magazines.  Short informative and educative articles are welcomed for enlightenment and informative purposes and to persuade readers into logical thinking and appropriate applications of knowledge gained into their lives. Attractive essays can be submitted and short descriptions of works can be provided if profession could be financially explored. Full essays, dissertation and thesis are also welcomed provided the authors are willing to submit such. Poems, plays, drama and musical scripts are not excluded! How-to-dos essays are also so-so important!

Media Coverage and Interviews

If you want to reach the world in your own unique way, then ResearchApp provides that avenue by involving coverage of your work through pictures and videos. Interviews are also conducted to get more information out and to know the personal perspective of the individual(s) involved.

Seminar, Workshops and Public Lectures

Seminars would be embarked upon for the sole purpose of enlightenment and teaching. These would include giving talks (radio and television shows) and symposia for beneficial or financial purposes. Public lectures and enlightenment campaigns would also be conducted for the public, particularly in cogent areas affecting the targeted population. Seminars and lectures might be for academic reasons in schools or might also be to promote causes, present cases or change already established traditions. Workshops are for individuals who want to display their skills and talents, either for financial purposes or for popularity campaign. Individuals embarking on all these should be sure-footed in their fields/abilities, and should have logical skills, intelligent information and scholarly facts to support any seminar or talk given. All these activities can be done anywhere the proposing individual(s) want it done and adequate cooperation would be given to ensure successful dissemination of intended information.

Sponsorship and Funding

Every finding, research, skill or knowledgeable information is a potential money spinner provided the right ideas are applied in the right context and at the right place. ResearchApp intends to make this possible by making all profession, researches, skills/talents and knowledgeable information accessible to potential sponsors. While this could be incredibly difficult when compared to the already established research framework where companies release grants to researchers, the forum intend to target grassroots development by using ingenious methods to achieve this objective. This activity is hinged on the creative, innovative and inventive capabilities of the intending intellectuals, without resorting to unrealistic procedures and techniques which might make the project not achievable. Even in the advent of the project being expensive, adequate seminars/talk and informative write-ups concerning the subject matter (without disclosing salient knowledge) would go a long way to convince a potential sponsor to invest in such work. All this should be done without losing the aim of this forum, which is ultimately and positively touch the life of the ordinary man in the society.


Indirect advertising using well-written articles and write-ups, whether abstract, short or full articles, where individuals are invariably promoting themselves to the public and their products and services are welcomed. Direct advertisement of goods, services, personal inventions and creative products are however not encouraged, though exceptions may be granted. Please note that we do not collect payment for submission of articles and write-ups.

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