Let’s tell your tale…!

…The Tales of Cocky Professionals

  1. What’s your name/business name?
  2. What do you do? What do you sell? What do you know? What do you offer?
  3. How do you do it? How do you know it?
  4. Why is/are your service, product or knowledge important and better?
  5. Why should we patronise you? What makes you different?
  6. Where are you? How do we get in touch?
  7. What’s the cost of your product and/or service?

These questions above form the basis of the magazine’s novel and premier programme: I know my job. The program is set up to provide people with a platform to sell themselves and their professions to the public by simply answering the questions stated above. The responses to these questions would get to be featured on the magazine’s website, its Facebook page and other pages and sites as well, including the partnered online store and creativity company, FabricAfric.

Like the caveat, the programme is for confident professionals who know their onions, and for those too with clear idea of what they want to do or say. The whole idea behind this is to showcase and market people’s professions, skills, services, goods, knowledge, enterprise, ideas/ideologies and the likes in a different and novel way. Participants who have products to display/market/sell might be given opportunity to do that during this program on this website and other sites as well.

To participate, simply provide suitable answers to those questions above. Question 2 is optional for those who intend to protect their trade secret. However, a summary or overview of the answer might just be enough. All the questions are interwoven, hence there might be no need to strictly follow the sequence and order of questions listed above.

The above can be done by:

  1. Sending answers to the questions to the magazine’s Facebook inbox or my personal Facebook inbox
  2. Making a short video of yourself highlighting your works or displaying your products/services. The quality of the video is largely dependent on you.
  3. Going the entire way and let’s interview you, either on Facebook or in our studio at Ado-Ekiti (video and audio podcast). This is the most in-depth and comprehensive of the programme.

Please note that participation in this programme is FREE! All it would cost you is your time and creativity in presenting your work and marketing yourself.

If interested, fill in the application form below!

Remember to use and follow the hashtag #TheCockyProfessional on Facebook and Twitter.