How to use ultrasound technology (sonography) in medical diagnosis

(Strictly for established and intending medical personnel)

by Patience Joseph Mamman


The discovery of ultrasound in medicine has revolutionized and simplified diagnosis of various ailments. As someone who has had a decade of experience in this field I’ve come to realize just short of competent sonographers we have in the sector. This is what has inspired me to begin a training program for aspiring sonographers.

As against popular belief, ultrasound technology goes beyond checking pregnancy status only. It involves a lot more. Hence, the outline for this online series will include major areas in sonography such as:
1. Obstetrics.
2. Abdominal scan
3. Pelvic scan
4. Specialized scan of soft tissues such as breast, scrotum, thyroid and the neck.
5. Vascular scan.

So these are the areas I intend to cover. If you are interested, kindly fill the form below. Please note that the classes are free. Cheers.

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Please note that our offline (physical classes) are limited only to Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State or the physical location of the instructor/tutor. The tutor also reserve the right to accept or reject the idea of physical classes.
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