How to create images in 2D and 3D

by Timmy Fasuan

An image speaks a thousand words. That’s why images and pictures are important in the transmission of information in recent years. Most images created are however from photography, to which maximum editing would be done to achieve one’s aim.

But what if you can create any image from the scratch? What if you can conceptualise an image, and with the help of your computer, you have your desired picture as you want? Of course, this is possible, especially with the help of many automated apps that are common nowadays. However, what if you can this at an advanced level, without automation? This is the basis of having a class that focuses mainly on manually creating 3D images.

Introduction to 3D designs is a foundation course that serves as an introduction to the animation and 3D design industry. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals of modeling, storyboard creation, cameras and lightings.

Members will be introduced to various Application softwares to use and how to apply and utilise these softwares in producing their products. They will also learn how 3D technology is used for film making, broadcast, architectural works, games and how it’s rapidly becoming the medium choice for industrial designs.

If you are interested in learning this, kindly fill the form below. Classes start on Monday 24th of February, and will run for six weeks.

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