Farming: A Natural Way of Survival

By Tolulope Obasuyi

Farming has always been an important requirement for human survival. It ranges from crop production to breeding livestock. Crop production is perhaps the most important due to the fact that it brings about different varieties of food essential to life. However, many of us have ignore or taken farming for granted because it involves getting our hands dirty. Farming has also been seen as a job for the minority because of the obviously “neat, good paying, white-collar job”.

Disturbingly, the government of the country has relegated agriculture into the background, placing the oil sector over the agricultural sector while forgetting the fact that agriculture is the only natural way we can survive. A visit to my aunt who lives in a village brings this issue to the forefront. Though they do not enjoy some of the amenities we enjoy in towns and cities, one thing peculiar to them was that there was a sense of contentment, and life was relatively good. It is not news that people in rural areas engage in farming than those in urban areas, but one thing we sometimes forget is that, either directly or indirectly, we depend on them for food production. And in this regard, they have an upper hand over those of us in the urban areas.

Therefore, it is time for us to stop depending on government to provide us jobs or pay us salaries before we can survive. We all have to consider the first job God gave our first parent as recorded in the Bible or the work the earliest men on earth embark upon to survive: farming. Because when each and every one of us can feed adequately and get the necessary nutrients our bodies need, then other aspects of our lives will thrive. For example, how would a student who doesn’t feed properly succeed academically or how would young child grow properly without the necessary nutrients?

In conclusion, not all of us will be rich in terms of money or material value, and not all of us will have the opportunity to survive and live well on white collar job. Besides, who says practicing farming or being involved in agriculture cannot be a source of wealth or riches for us? In this era of intensive, industrialized and agro-allied farming, anyone who knows how to apply advanced techniques to farming will definitely be rich enough to match any kind of white-collar job. Hence, let us pay more than usual attention to this subtly maligned, but natural way of survival.