Eating healthy meals and how to prepare them

by Adanna Akudo

Hey guys!

A few times conversations around maintaining a healthy eating habit pop up, concerns from the populace are centered around the fact that they are boring (healthy food that is), unavailable, expensive and difficult to sustain.

Imagine a meal plan that requires – two eggs and green tea for breakfast, a piece of chicken and apple for lunch and a bowl of vegetable salad for dinner. Sounds cool to a lot of people I guess but this is boring and difficult to sustain for me. Staying healthy/making healthier food choices doesn’t have to be all that, it can be accessible, interesting and easy to work around.

My name is Ada and I am very excited to share my “realistic” tips to staying fit and healthy.

The first thing I like to tell people who want to switch their food game is that the process is more of a mental activity than a physical one. It doesn’t matter how much effort you have put into making these food items available, if you are not mentally prepared for the lifestyle it won’t be long before you sneak back to junk and bad carbs.

Quick question – on a scale of 1-10, how ready are you? Take your time, breathe and think about it. Switching doesn’t mean you will never have those unhealthy things you like ever again, it just means you will be taking them in moderation and sparingly too. It equally means you will be at par with the right nutrients your body needs to function properly.

Assuming you have fully decided that it is time to switch things up then I’ll teach you how to eat right and have fun at it. There are also many healthy alternatives for the yummy things you like so you won’t be missing much, you’ll just have to tweak the menu a little. Take for instance, your favorite fufu and bitter leaf soup. Why eat pounded yam that is high in calories when you can replace it with oat flour, coconut flour, tigernut flour etc. That way you still enjoy your meal but with less calories to worry about. Why have a bowl of jollof rice when you can split it into half and replace the half with finely chopped braised veggies? Veggies contain lesser calories and fiber that are very good for the body.

In a time where so many kinds of ailments are linked to wrong food choices, it is necessary for everyone to take into consideration what they are eating and how it affects their overall wellbeing. There is so much you can do effortlessly to incorporate nutritious meals into your menu. Subsequently, I’ll be sharing a range of healthy food ideas that are available to us in Nigeria and most suitable eating hours.

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