Mofoyeke Omole (Sisi M’Foye)

Mofoyeke Omole is a young Nigerian with deep passion for organizational growth and improvement.

She has her educational background in Pure and Social Sciences, with a first degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry and second degree in Project Development and Implementation. She also has an advanced diploma in Human Resource Management and has undergone extensive trainings in critical areas of Entrepreneurship, Project management, Procurement Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Management and Critical Thinking in Global Challenges amongst others.

She pioneered the successful establishment (planning, launching and running) of Ibadan Business School, where she was instrumental to the school’s partnership with the World Bank amongst other achievements. She was the Deputy Head, Academics (the operational Head and the one in charge of all academic activities from curriculum development, to consultancy to admissions and programme customization) of the school before her resignation in 2016 to start RedBERYL Management Consulting Ltd.

She has an extensive number of years of experience in the field of management consulting covering both Public and Organized Private Sectors. She is presently the CEO/Principal Consultant of Redberyl Management Consulting Ltd, and CEO of ZHERO Business Support Services.

She handles the Business Unofficial column on ResearchApp.