Chestnut oil is useful in Nigerian industries


A group of researchers at the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State has concluded that the oil that is gotten from the seeds of chestnut fruits can be put to good use industrially in the making of many products.

 The main researcher, Betty Motoro, said that the oil was extracted from the seeds after being crushed with an indigenously made crusher that may soon be patented. The oil was then purified and analyses were carried out about its usability.

While it was found out that the oil is not edible due to its poisonous nature, it could be used to produce products like soaps, perfumes and skin-treatment oils. Purification and refining processes can also be done locally if there are sponsors to finance the work.

According to Motoro, “Further researches are required to effectively clarify the edibility of the oil. Addition or subtraction of some components might be all that is needed to make it edible.” Any militating factor? “Yes. The seeds are scarce due to the unavailability of the trees. The research team really have to travel a far before we could get it”, she said.

And conclusively she said, “We need to convince people to embrace the use of the oil when it finally comes out, either as soap or edible oil. Who knows? Maybe in few years to come, we would be cooking with the oil.”

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