Adhering to the ethics of quantity surveyors is beneficial to the society


A professional quantity surveyor at the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Ayo Babalola, has explained that strict adherence by quantity surveyors to the ethical code of conduct is of immense benefit to the public, while it also helps in improving the image of the professionals.

Referring to a study he carried out few years back which focused on the ethical practices of professional quantity surveyors in Nigeria, Babalola stated that following the code helps to effectively set a benchmark between quantity surveying practice in Nigeria and developed climes, while also fine-tuning the practice in order to meet more the needs of the clients and end users.

In his study, the compliance to the existing code of conducts among the professionals was measured across some states in Nigeria, and efforts were also made to determine if there was need for upgrade of the code. According to Babalola, respondents showed sign of compliance with the present code, while also stressing the need to upgrade the code to meet up with the current demands of the industry.

Generally, he identified the ethical code of conduct as a major factor that embodies the practice of the Quantity Surveying profession, saying the practice is all about cost management of construction projects & in fact, all types of project pending implementation. This would be very beneficial and important to the public as there will be value for money spent, quality assurance, reasonable cost/billing, and improved functionality of the professional.

According to Babalola, “The public is much better for this as the quantity surveyor, being an expert on the proposed facility/project, gives financial advices to the client and the entire project team (carrying out the work)”.

When asked about quacks among them, he agreed that they abound, but they are usually referred to the Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria (QSRBN) for disciplinary measures. “They are identified by verifying their names with the board once inconsistencies are noticed, especially when prepared and necessary documents are not showing expected professional touch”, he added.

He also stated that the board and the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) do publish the names of registered members in dailies, magazines and journals published for sale at the institute or all its liaison/state offices in the country from time to time. Though he admitted that distinguishing between a professional and a quack is very difficult, he added that the QSRBN has the list of all the people licensed to practice in the country, hence any enquiry/query can be passed on to them.

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