Academic E-Classes

Terms and Conditions

  1. Both tutors and students should regularly check this page for updated, revised and new information. It is highly important.
  2. As students, please note that we are not an accredited, degree-awarding body. However, a certificate of completion will still be provided at the completion of each course.
  3. The durations for most of the lessons are between 4 to 10 weeks (as provided in the table below), and the duration starts counting down the moment the purchase of the course is done. Tutors can choose between these periods and plan their times with each student accordingly. Please note that flexibility is highly important.
  4. While lesson texts are very important, tutors should also explore using other media means such as audio or video recordings to pass across their lessons. We value creative ways of teaching, and our medium of teaching must reflect great knowledge and expertise in the assigned course(s) as a professional in your field.
  5. All lecture videos made for our E-classes are jointly owned by the tutors and the platform, and they are to be uploaded to our various YouTube channels (ResearchApp and MicroBiotics) for viewing.
  6. Using our seminar/lecture room for lecture video recording for our E-classes is completely free. However, using our science laboratory for practical sessions will incur additional costs. Kindly get in touch if you want to make use of them.
  7. Also, payment made for courses are non-refundable as it would have been disbursed to the relevant quarters immediately. The payment format and duration of lessons are given below:
Course UnitStudents’ Payment
(per course)
Tutors’ Payment
(per student)
Lesson Duration
(per student)
1 UnitN1000N5004 weeks
2 UnitsN2000N10004 – 6 weeks
3 UnitsN2500N12506 – 8 weeks
4 UnitsN3000N15008 – 10 weeks
WAEC SubjectsN4000N200010 weeks

Please note that payments are subject to periodic changes. Also, tutors should not charge beyond the amount indicated for their assigned course. Failure to adhere to this is automatic removal from our list of instructors. Students who notice any changes should promptly inform us.

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