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Registration Instruction

  1. Fill the form provided here to register first (whether as intending tutor or student) and submit. (Please use your full name as username).
  2. Click on the NUC BMAS listed above that is in your preferred field to check the available courses and preview their contents.
  3. For tutors, send your CV (stating inside the preferred course(s) you wish to teach) and your relevant credentials, all in a single PDF or Doc. file, to
  4. Please note that the minimum qualification for tutors is a Masters degree in your field, or evidence of years of practicing or teaching in that field, or evidence of admission into a Masters degree programme if not completed.
  5. Wait for activation of your account within 24 hours after registration (can be earlier than that), and explore the Dashboard of your teaching platform to familiarise yourself with it. Kindly contact us if you need directions.
  6. For students, after you register, kindly go to courses to select the available course(s) before proceeding to make payment.

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