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As required in standard academic practice in Nigeria, below are the Nigerian University Commission’s Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard (NUC BMAS) for all courses offered in Nigerian Universities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and WAEC syllabus for Senior Secondary Schools. Kindly click on your field(s) of interest to preview the courses you are interested in. You can download the contents and tweak them to involve recent and upgraded contents in your chosen course(s), keeping in mind that these are just minimum standard. Also kindly take note of the unit of the courses.

  1. Administration and Management Undergraduate BMAS (2015 Draft) / Administration Postgraduate BMAS (2011)
  2. Agricultural Science Undergraduate BMAS (2007) / Agricultural Sciences Postgraduate BMAS
  3. Arts Undergraduate BMAS (2015 Draft) / Arts Postgraduate BMAS
  4. Basic Medical and Health Science Undergraduate BMAS (2015 Draft) / Basic Medical and Health Sciences Postgraduate BMAS
  5. Education Undergraduate BMAS (Draft 2015)
  6. Engineering and Technology Undergraduate BMAS (Draft 2015) / Engineering and Technology Postgraduate BMAS
  7. Environmental Science Undergraduate BMAS (Draft 2015). / Environmental Science Postgraduate BMAS
  8. Law Undergraduate BMAS (2007) / Law Postgraduate BMAS
  9. Pharmacy Undergraduate BMAS (2007) / Pharmacy Postgraduate BMAS
  10. Sciences Undergraduate BMAS (2015 Draft) / Sciences Postgraduate BMAS
  11. Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate BMAS (2015) / Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate BMAS.
  12. Social Sciences Undergraduate BMAS (Draft 2015) / Social Sciences Postgraduate BMAS 2011.
  13. WAEC e-syllabus for 2021 – 2025 (May/June and GCE)

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