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ResearchApp Magazine is a registered online magazine, with International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2488-9245, where applications of knowledge from various fields are encouraged to be used to better the society and make money as well. The magazine tries to harness and disseminate important benefits, applications and usefulness of researched knowledge and information across academic, vocational and technical fields and disciplines.

The magazine also provides professional individuals in all academic, technical and vocational fields of study and profession, especially to those who have the knowledgeable capabilities, technical know-how, skilled expertise and informative power, the medium and platform to teach their skills, gain recognition for their works, reach the intended audience easily and earn money.

We are into the following programmes:

  1. Multimedia Publishing.
  2. Vocation and Technical Training.
  3. Academic E-classes.
  4. Professional Consultations.

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Patience Joseph-Mamman,
Managing Editor.