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The Cocky Professional #1: Kehinde Afuye, Poultry Farmer.


My name is Afuye Kehinde Ilesanmi.  I am a poultry farmer and a poultry business consultant and my business name is SanmiKenny Farms. We sell Chickens (broilers/layers/cockerel), turkeys (local/foreign turkeys), chicken eggs (wholesale/retail), cow meat and ram. We also offer well-brooded and neatly reared chickens & turkeys. We offer highly nutritious eggs of all sizes. We offer neatly killed and equally shared cow and ram.

Our products are important because they add nutritional value to the health of all individuals. The business also helps in curbing unemployment in the society. Because our products are consumed daily in every household in Nigeria, it is important to us to make deliveries convenient for our clients. If you patronize us, you are helping us to have our goods sold in time thereby giving us upper edge to expand our scope and serve you better.

Our modes and methods of brooding and rearing chickens are different. Our cattle and goats are killed in a clean abattoir. We also have a very flexible mode of payment. We are different in our style of meeting our customer’s need and our mode of delivery is very convenient which makes us different from others. We believe if you give us an audience we could reach more household who in one way or the other lack some of our products and serve them better.

Our prices are negotiable and can be sent to you on request. Our place of business is in Lagos. You can get in touch with us on 08068698446.



Updated: January 18, 2018 — 9:40 am
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