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by Tolu Obasuyi

On this bright sunny day, Johnson courageously made his way towards Eunice who was in the library preparing for the forthcoming exam. Before he even arrived in school, his mind had played all the possible scenarios that could happen from what he was about doing. The comments his friends made did nothing to make him feel better. Was it the suggestion Dele made about him wearing a suit to show his seriousness? Or the doubtful look on the face of Nelson, his best friend, who was barely trying to suppress his laughter. Or the inner voice telling him to give up?

He could not give up. He had to at least try, he told himself. Ever since he had met her that day she came looking for available room in his hostel, and finding out thereafter that she was the new direct entry student in his class, he had not been able to get his mind off her.

As he approached, she raised her head from what she was doing and greeted him. Johnson greeted her back too nervously. He initiated random topics for discussion with her before telling her his mind. He told her how he felt about her and how he was really attracted to her.

But he wasn’t prepared for the reply she gave him. A reply that made him breathless for some minutes afterward.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t grasp that” he said.

“I said I’m married. I don’t wear my ring to school to avoid people prying and talking about me. In fact, I am here because my husband loves me most out of his three wives and he wants me to be educated” Eunice replied.

The effect that reply had on him was inexplicable. He wouldn’t even have believed her if she had not shown him her wedding pictures. With a baffled resignation obvious on his face, Johnson left the library wondering on why someone so pretty and so young would marry so early in life.

(He turned around and gave her one last look, and was taken aback by the coy look and knowing smile on her face. His heart flustered and beat faster. What was she doing, he wondered. The smile was captivating and seemed to draw him in. What am I doing, he asked himself as he snapped out of his brief reverie. He turned away and left feeling more confused than ever.)



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