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Category: Natural Science

The Fields of Natural Science are concerned with the description, prediction, and understanding of natural phenomena, based on observational and empirical evidence such as Biology and Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, Physics and Physical Sciences, Earth Science, and Space Science.

Introduction to Food Biochemistry

By Olamide Adeleye

Food Biochemistry is concerned with the breakdown of food in the cell as a source of energy. Many biochemical reactions and their products are the basis of much of food science and technology. Food scientists must be interdisciplinary in their approaches to studying and solving problems that require the integration of several disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology and various social sciences

Nine Reasons Why Drugs Don’t Work Against Microbes

by Tayo Fasuan

Microorganisms cause diseases. That is perhaps the oldest news ever heard. What might perhaps be ‘new’ news is that most microbes are as old as man himself, and according to the theory of evolution, even older than man. This makes me wonder why some people are surprised that drugs are not available to cure or treat most deadly diseases. Maybe if we know a little about why and how they turn out this way, we would at least find peace in the knowledge that maybe it isn’t the fault of the drugs companies. but in the ability of these little guys themselves.

What do you know about your liver?

Introduction The liver is probably one of the many amazing organs in the human body when its functions are clearly understood yet happens to be one of the most misused and abused organs largely due to ignorance. This article hopes to draw back the curtains to jelp us see what this wonder organ is and […]

Farming: A Natural Way of Survival

By Tolulope Obasuyi Farming has always been an important requirement for human survival. It ranges from crop production to breeding livestock. Crop production is perhaps the most important due to the fact that it brings about different varieties of food essential to life. However, many of us have ignore or taken farming for granted because […]

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