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Category: Humanities

The Fields of Humanities are disciplines that study human culture such as Classics, History, Languages/Linguistics, Law, Literature, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religion and Visual Arts.

The Final Hiding Place… From God’s Eyes

He stood watching her lying on her back, naked on the bed. Her palms supported the back of her head as her legs played before his eyes in an open-and-close motion, unashamed of his gaze. She loved to be listened to whenever she talks. So, he watched her in silence. ‘I’ve been naked all my life, Joe.’ She was smiling at him, as if expecting him to say a word. He did not. No woman had made him speechless before.

Religion and the unending subjugation of women (Part 1)

By Tayo Fasuan (Bible Scholar) The recent unguarded statements of the Monarch of Auchi in Edo State of Nigeria, concerning women and inheritance have once again pricked me in more ways than one. Those statements and the subsequent fallouts and responses have once more shown the inherent desires and wishes of the society to continually […]

What do you really know about the Sabbath? (Part 2): The Main Reason for the Creation Of Sabbath

By Tayo Fasuan (Bible Scholar) The issue of the Sabbath is easily one of the most misunderstood issues in the Bible. As written in the first part of this topic, it has caused division, alienation and marginalisation among the Body of Christ, almost to the point of ridicule. However, a closer look at the foundational […]

What do you really know about the Sabbath? (Part I): Understanding the Basics about the Lord’s Day

by Tayo Fasuan (Bible Scholar) “So, you attend Seventh Day Adventist?” I was asked for the umpteenth time. And as always, I replied, “No, I don’t. I am simply a Christian that observed the Sabbath and worship every Saturday.” Since I’ve started attending church on Saturday, I have been questioned numerous times like this about my […]

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