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Category: FictionByte

Short and gripping fictions for entertainment and learning.

Silent Cry

by Tolu Obasuyi I was sitting at the far corner in the room,  with silent tears rolling down my face. He had not beaten me, neither had he punished me, but the pain I was feeling would always be with me, because of what he had taken from me. Suddenly, he looked at me, pointing […]


by Tolu Obasuyi On this bright sunny day, Johnson courageously made his way towards Eunice who was in the library preparing for the forthcoming exam. Before he even arrived in school, his mind had played all the possible scenarios that could happen from what he was about doing. The comments his friends made did nothing […]

The Final Hiding Place… From God’s Eyes

He stood watching her lying on her back, naked on the bed. Her palms supported the back of her head as her legs played before his eyes in an open-and-close motion, unashamed of his gaze. She loved to be listened to whenever she talks. So, he watched her in silence. ‘I’ve been naked all my life, Joe.’ She was smiling at him, as if expecting him to say a word. He did not. No woman had made him speechless before.

FictionByte: To Curt

by Peace Nkanta In love and war, one thing is customary–Pain. Curt and I refused to understand this in the early stages of our marriage. He was a soldier who fought battles often and came home with wounds as souvenirs; then I – having been reminded many times why I was a nurse – would dress […]

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