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What do you know about your liver?

Introduction The liver is probably one of the many amazing organs in the human body when its functions are clearly understood yet happens to be one of the most misused and abused organs largely due to ignorance. This article hopes to draw back the curtains to jelp us see what this wonder organ is and […]

Aviation and Space Physiology (Part 2): Associated Disorders

By Patience Joseph Mamman Disorders associated with High Altitudes Acute Mountain Sickness This is the common manifestation and disorders that take place when the body is exposed to high altitudes without acclimatization. There are 3 forms of this: mild, moderate and severe Mild Occurs at ascension of about 10, 000 feet or more. Symptoms include […]

Aviation and Space Physiology (Part 1): Introduction

By Patience Joseph Mamman The field or discipline called Physiology is a life science that deals basically with study of functions in living things, whether plants or animals. Physiology in a general sense is simply one of the branches of life science that focuses majorly on understanding how a living entity functions. Space, High altitude […]

MedLines: Male Infertility (Part 2)

By Patience Joseph Mamman STRUCTURAL ABNORMALITIES. Any condition that impairs or damages any of the structures of the male reproductive system can have a profound effect on fertility. Some of such conditions are as follows; a. Cryptochidism This is the most common of the structural abnormalities. It is a condition usually seen in newborn infants […]

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