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Business Unofficial is a column that deals with issues of businesses practically as experienced in reality and not just as presented on the paper theoretically.

The Intentional CEO (Part 1): Let the real you live intentionally

By Sisi M’Foye

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” It is an excellent reminder that every day is a thread that weaves the fabric of our lives. Each thread is just as important as the next in creating the life we imagined. As mentioned earlier, small daily actions can work for us, or against us. It’s up to us to choose which.

The Intentional CEO: It begins with the real you and then your business!

By Sisi M’Foye

Do you wake up every morning ready to face the day? Are you generally happy? Do you feel engaged and excited to live your life? I do, of course. I wasn’t always like that; the reverse was the common case with me until I read a book titled The Law of Happiness by Dr. Henry Cloud where I learnt that my happiness lies within me and that it takes my conscious effort to find that tiny thing to be happy about and bring it to the surface.

The True Reason Businesses Fail: Beyond Experts’ Submissions

Year-in-year-out, the percentage of start-up businesses, across the globe, that crash increases. I am yet to see the record of a year when it decreased, and reading through the various reasons as submitted by experts – reasons such as recession, high interest rates, poor product or service offerings, poor inventory, lack of or poor planning – unsettled me a bit. I was just not satisfied with the conclusions.

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